Blastgerm weres a powerful "team" headed by Blasto and Poison Apple.

Modus operandiEdit

Small time drug dealers,[1] whose powers gave them a modicum of safety.

PRT ResponseEdit

Was treated like any other criminale gang before this. Based on information, possibly gained during the Boston Games, Blasto was given a pre-signed Kill order. This likely covers affiliates.



The two have been in a partnership for a long time.[1]

Boston GamesEdit

During 2007 the team took advantage of the chaos to expand their membership and reach.

Roughly two years later Blasto and Blastgerm established himself as a membe

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Were on a cooling off period when Blasto was kidnapped.

Gold MorningEdit

Only one of its members lived to the event and she left the life behind.

Members Edit


  • The name is plant related, much like it's original members.


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    “Poison Apple?”

    “Or Rotten Apple. She changes it around sometimes.” - Excerpt from Eclipse x.4
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