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Blackforest is a young Case 53, working as a villain.


Childlike and enthusiastic.



They are friends.


Blackforest appears to have a crush on Egg.


Blackforest and Hexie are partnered in a villainous relationship.


Blackforest resembles a scarecrow, with wood and barbed wire wound together in vein-like shapes. She wears a robe.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Blackforest is able to tell when people are lying. Egg alleges that she eats babies, by drawing them into her center and building her body around them. Her body is entirely composed of antennae that connect to others and turn emotional connections physical.[3]



Blackforest was once experimented on by Cauldron, being turned into a Case 53 against her will.


Blackforest and Hexie share a room in the communal kid-villain den.[4]

Post-Ice Break[]

Blackforest submitted to power testing by the Wardens, in order to try and find a viable solution against the Titans. She helped Egg and Weld to mobilize the other case 53s present there.

She later joined the direct fighting against the Titans.[5]


  1. Still asking permission, which was better than some. And she was a kid. At one point she’d thought she was the same age as Chantilly, but that had changed. Blackforest hadn’t really grown up as fast, emotionally or physically, and she’d struggled with online courses. Eventually it came down to conceding that she wasn’t fifteen. Thirteen or fourteen at best. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.a II
  2. Chantilly wrapped her friend in a tight hug, lifting her up off the ground. Blackforest was a scarecrow-like head, arms, legs, and very little in the way of a torso, with costuming and external additions providing that central core. Wood and barbed wire bound together into vaguely muscle-like and vein-like shapes. Much of her was wrapped in a robe. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.a II
  3. Blackforest ‘ate’ babies, drawing them into her center and building around them. The branches and the rest of her were actually like antennae, that reached out to connect to others, and turn emotional connections physical. Through the tentative connections, she could read information. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.a II
  4. “Hexie and I share a room. No foster parents, but we have a den mother. A bunch of us teen villains, and they’re accepting of Hexie and me. The den mother looks after our headquarters and us, arranges food, sets a few rules, and keeps us pointed in the right direction.”

    “What does she get?”

    “A cut of whatever we earn or take.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.a
  5. Infrared 19.a

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