Akemi,[3] known publicly as Black Kaze, was a cell-block leader in the Birdcage.


Black Kaze is described as an "ordinary looking" Japanese woman with her hair in a ponytail in prison sweats[4]. Her fingers constantly twitched, as if searching for a weapon they expected to find[4]. She was very measured in her movements during combat.[5]


It was theorized that the Endbringer attack on Kyushu broke her psychologically. When she was captured and put on trial she remained cognizant and controlled,[4] and she defaults to cold non-emotion in all situations, with no ability to socialize.[6] When in an altered mental state - whether natural (tired, stressed) or power-induced - she risks entering a homicidal frenzy.[6] In none of her appearances has Black Kaze spoken.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Black Kaze is capable of teleporting by using her weapon's movement.[7] The greater the arc of her swing, the greater distance she can cover with a maximum range of about 50 feet. She is capable of striking an approximately 40 foot radius with ten feet of leeway from her start and end point.

While teleporting, innumerable versions of herself occupy space in the area between her departure and arrival point[8], moving for a fraction of a second (not long enough to be seen[5]) which lets her cut people with her ever present katana.[1] Black Kaze has an enhanced physique and is highly skilled in fighting with in depth awareness of her surroundings brought on from years of practice and untreated PTSD[6].

In actual combat she is able to moderate the swings she makes with her weapon, for example multiple small swings allow for multiple short range teleports. She is also able to strike the ground a hundred times, kicking up clouds of dust, moving chaotically within the created effect, executing available targets with one final swing of her blade, or focus[9] to absolutely shred a single target with a thousand small cuts by teleporting past them.[8]

Her experience left her with a superb connection to her Agent, though this has heavily damaged her ability to interact with others[9].



Following Leviathan's attack on Kyushu, Black Kaze went around killing anyone she saw. She purportedly killed twenty-thousand people,[10] killing survivors, killing rescuers, boarding the ships that approached too close to the ruined area and killing the crews, and rendering a widespread area devoid of life. She was considered an urban legend.[4]

Living on her own, scavenging, and possibly as a result of health problems that went untreated with her isolation, she started to slip. She may or may not have fainted during combat[9]. She was captured and sentenced to the Birdcage[4], where she became a cell block leader.[11]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Black Kaze attended a meeting of cell block leaders in the Birdcage, but did not speak.[11] She was one of the twelve cell block leaders to engage in dialogue with the various factions at the Cauldron forum. Again she did not speak.

Gold MorningEdit

She was given the okay for release from the Birdcage to fight against Zion,[4] she stayed close to Masamune during these events.[12] In the final stages she directly engaged Zion alongside Acidbath[5] before the various parahumans began coordinating.


According to Jessica Yamada and Chris, Black Kaze is doing probationary public service, but is relatively happy.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Kaze means wind which makes her name black wind, or possibly dark wind or foul breeze or similar. It can mean ill fortune.
  • Her experiences in the wake of Leviathan's attack on Japan would have been explored in another quest after PRT Quest had concluded.[13]


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