Bitter Pill is a tinker villain operating on the outskirts of the City.


Bitter Pill is a mercenary, always working for a cost, and calling in hard favors.[1] She appears flippant about the unwritten rules, displaying a willingness to go after civilians.[3]

In contrast to the more violent clique of villains in Cedar Point, Bitter Pill's group is strategic and methodical in their actions, focusing on monitoring the situation and enacting long-term plans.[4]


She has a team of other minor villains that stick with her:


In costume, Bitter Pill wears a medical mask, a scarf, and a white coat, with a short stick bearing a caduceus. She carries a bag resembling a fanny pack over her shoulder, which she uses to carry her tinkerings.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Bitter Pill is a tinker, specializing in medicine and drugs. Her drugs are primarily temporary in effect, requiring regular doses to have long-lasting effects.[1] She sells her drugs untested on the black market for money and favors.[1]


  • Drugs that transform those who consume them essentially into zombies that obey her orders.[6]
  • Truth serums[2]
  • Medicine capable of reversing her transformations.[7]
  • An unknown vial, apparently her last resort when surrounded.[8]
  • A liquid that transforms her body into being twice as tall, with flexible limbs and super strength.[9]
  • Nanomachines that cause victims to produce large amounts of a thick gray liquid from their orifices until they burst. [10] The nanomachines cause mutations to the bodies of the victims, and eyes and mouths appear in the piles of the liquid as it dries. [11]



Bitter Pill was at the meeting where Prancer began to organize what would become the Hollow Point villain group.[12] She eventually settled in Hollow Point, organizing her own subgroup around herself, comprised of Bluestocking, Crested, Birdbrain, and Foggy Idea.[13] Bitter Pill was present when Advance Guard made an appearance in the town, and participated in the ensuing fight between the heroes and the Hollow Point villains.[14] She later participated in the assault on the Mathers compound.[15]

Post-Fallen FallEdit

After the Hollow Point villains were devastated by their attack on the Fallen compound, Bitter Pill left Hollow Point. She was among the capes gathered in Earth N when Breakthrough visited Lord of Loss.[16]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

At some point, Parian and Foil reached out to Bitter Pill to help a parahuman kid with body issues, but didn't pursue the relationship due to cost and Bitter Pill's questionable motives. Tattletale used some of Bitter Pill's black market drugs after the Undersiders were attacked by March.[1]

Bitter Pill and Bluestocking were in attendance at the villain meeting at Sherwood Span.[17]

With her group, Bitter Pill broke into a prison where Etna and Crested were being held, but Breakthrough and the Patrol Block interfered. They agreed to stand down and pay for the damages to the prison, in exchange for the two capes.[18]

Bitter Pill's group quickly arrived once Antares' group started causing ruckus in Earth N's Frontier Row, but they got talked out of engaging heroes by Prancer. They recovered half-drowned Etna and left.

Once Antares' group returned to the portal and Bluestocking struck a deal with them, Bitter Pill and most of her team remained to assist in heroes' fight with Cradle's mercenary army.

The Ice BreaksEdit

Bitter Pill was considered as a replacement for Panacea in Breakthroughs plan against the Titans, but did not fit the mold.[19]

Ward EpilogueEdit

Bitter Pill killed around a dozen of civilians with runaway nanomachines in the Byers area, and was forced to abandon her laboratory, when Erring Right arrived.[20]


  • Bitter Pill's name comes from the phrase "a bitter pill to swallow," referring to a difficult thing to accept.
  • One of her dispensers looks as a reference to Sub Rosa from Twig.[21]


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