Biter is a parahuman that worked under Bitch.


Together with Barker, he claims to be fearless.[4] Unlike Barker, Biter is well spoken and intelligent, and was willing to do the menial tasks that Bitch demands.[5][6]


Barker Edit

The larger of the two Biter is more reasonable and diplomatic then Barker, and able to keep Barker focused and ameliorate any gaffs on his partners part.[5][7]

Rachel Edit

At some point, he began sleeping with Bitch. She appreciated that he didn't "make it more than it should be".[8] However he missed civilization while working for her.[8]

Appearance & Equipment Edit

Biter gives off a brutish vibe,[9] Which can lead to people underestimating him.[6] He is a muscular man over six feet tall, usually shirtless with a bear-trap jaw plate over his severe underbite and spike-studded gear such as a collar and a number of leather straps and belts. His teeth are filed into points.[10] His costume combined casual wear with the already mentioned elements, fitting in with temperature and similar.[1]

When operating as a cape Biter uses the before mentioned rusty bear-trap jaw plate and spiked knuckle-dusters. Sometimes he will rusty, old fashioned looking mechanical rigging The frame seemed set up to hold metal claws around his fingertips while allowing his hands the full range of motion.[4] He would later upgrade the jaw-plate with a cleaner more stylized version, along with more spikes.[11]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Biter has the ability to distort parts of his body to increase their size.[2][10] This includes materials that he wears that give him additional offensive ability.[12][13]

This distortion has an upward limit before he incurs permanent damage, which leads to stretch marks, scarring, and chronic pain.[14]


Story StartEdit

Biter is Barker's partner. They showed up in Brockton Bay to fight the Endbringer that appeared there[15][4] and were both incapacitated during the battle. The two were later hired by Coil to work for Bitch. They worked with her since she grabbed territory but did not participate in the fights against the Slaughterhouse Nine.[16]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Biter would help against the Dragon Suits that were deployed against The Undersiders.[17] The nascent Sons of Bitch would effect a strategic retreat from the conflict. Barker would later adapt to Bitch's leadership.[18]


Biter and Barker would move to Earth Gimel with the rest of of the Sons of Bitch. Barker would later leave however and Biter would stay in Gimel with Bitch who he started a casual relationship with. The Sons of Bitch would stay in Gimel, sans Endbringer conflicts, for over two years before the End of the World came.

Gold MorningEdit

Biter served during Gold Morning and wore the yellow band on his sleeve afterwards. He joined Rachel in retrieving a kidnapped child for Earth Bet.[8]

He eventually did leave the pack.[19]


Biter was seen chilling at a 'Villain bar' when some Alaskan villains showed up. Joined in the applause with the others when the strike team came by after completing their mission, and when Prancer announced that he was selling something.[19]

Met up with Bitch again.[20]

Chapter AppearancesEdit

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