Birdbrain is clairvoyant enforcer in Bitter Pills group.



Worked closely with Braindead.


Wears a bird mask as part of her costume, with a black coat.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Birdbrain is a clairvoyant thinker with a specialized understanding of anything above her. She has what is described as 'top-down clairvoyant awareness'.[2] [3]

Is extra efficient with a gun. While using a gun, she moves it normally from left to right, but almost instantaneously up and down. This means, if she aims, shes guaranteed to get a hit if the guns at the right point horizontally, as she will automatically be able to make any headshots.[4]

Victoria Dallon thought she may have been an All-or-nothing threat because of this, but this is up for debate.

She is also capable of hearing what people are saying, at a distance.


Has used several guns, and a bullwhip in close quarters.[5]



Was a part of the coalition of villains staying in Hollow Point. Helped surveil the area with her ability.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Helped break Crested and Etna out of prison.[6]

Appeared alongside Bitter Pill and Bluestocking, and fought Cradle's mercenaries.[7]


  1. “Couldn’t. Clairvoyants with some clairaudience,” I said. I opened a sub-folder, clicked an image, and let it pop up. A boy in a wheelchair, a woman pushing it. He wore a helmet with a fake brain under glass at the top. She wore a bird mask. “They’d hear anything we communicated, so it was radio silence.” - Shade 4.6
  2. Primary concerns: Braindead and Birdbrain. Clairvoyants both.
    Against Birdbrain, that was a weakness. Birdbrain was a tactical clairvoyant of a complimentary stripe to Braindead. Top-down clairvoyant awareness, much like if Kenzie operated solely through tinker eyes-in-the-sky pointed straight down. She also had thinker powers of another sort, worked into the main clairvoyant power, but she wasn’t an ex-hero, and the information wasn’t in files.

    She was really good with a gun, highly mobile, and thus she was very good at defending Braindead while he was incapacitated. - Excerpt from Shade 4.3
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    “If she aims she’s guaranteed a hit if her gun’s at the right point horizontally. Vertically, doesn’t matter. All-or-nothings are PRT terminology for anyone who’s strong enough that you can’t defend against their attack unless you defend against anything, can’t dodge unless you can dodge everything. She’s halfway there and that makes her a good enough shot we can’t afford to get in an engagement. Headshot every time.” Blinding 11.1
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