Bijou is a body-snatcher working as an undercover agent for the Wardens.


Initially appearing as an ordinary looking, if nerdy, woman wearing a full face mask,[1] Bijou's true appearance is that of a doll-like figure, with a large stream of mixed appendages that resides within the normal looking body.[2][3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Bijou is a body-snatcher, she can take over recently diseased corpses and maintain them in a lifelike state.[4]



Bijou triggered as a young child.

She was accepted into Case 53 community, despite not technically being one.[5]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

She, presumably, enjoyed the Amnesty.

The Wardens provided her with a new, guilt-free body, and offered her a job.

The Ice BreaksEdit

Bijou attended emergency power testing of Case 53s, arranged by The Wardens.[6]

She infiltrated the patrol-group departing to the The Mall Cluster' dreamscape, alongside Matryoshka. She was preparing to alter power connections related to Case 53s, but was dissuaded from it by Rain.[7]



  1. Bijou, by contrast, looked utterly normal, if a bit nerdy. Brown-skinned, with glasses worn over a simple full-face mask, collar done up with a ribbon, hair in an old fashioned style. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.a II
  2. Bijou reached up to her mask and divided it in two. Holding the halves in place on each side of her face, she split down the middle, forehead to collarbone. Doll-like hands reached out to find grips and help push, while her regular hands helped to widen the divide. When she was done, her head, throat, and upped chest were splayed open.

    Appendages and doll’s hands reached out to lash the mask into place on each side of the face, using wire, ribbon, and threads. Occupying the now-empty brain cavity was a blood-slick doll’s head, with a stream of appendages, strips of cloth and doll limbs connected end to end, disappearing down her throat, which had been widened. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.a II
  3. Face split open, ‘Cox’ lay on the floor, the doll head pulling itself free, skittering along the floor on legs tipped by scissors and doll-like fingers, trailing bloody ribbons, chains, and fishing lines with hooks. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.c
  4. The doll head, forcing its way into the mouth of a civilian’s corpse, dusty. Fingers pried and dug into flesh, cracked bone, and drove wedges in, parting the face down the middle as she squeezed in. The ‘rookie’ he’d seen in the house, before they’d all gone under and come here. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.c
  5. “I’m not technically,” said the doll who had appeared as a girl, who had appeared as a soldier. “But they included me, brought me in. I owe them everything. This… this body is me. Before I changed to that.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.c
  6. Infrared 19.a
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