Bentley is a young English Bulldog in Bitch's custody.


Of all Rachel's dogs, Bently has the most open affection for Taylor. He

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Has the abilities of any enhanced dog of Rachel's. On his first outing Rachel fitted him with a muzzle so she could have better control of him.[1]



Presumably much like that of other dogs Bitch rescued.


After bringing him along to capture Shadow Stalker,[2] Bentley appeared before?</ref> his master used him during a raid on Protectorate ENE Headquarters. He followed a command by someone other than his master, when Skitter ordered him to attack Kid Win and praises him, resulting in immediate retaliation from Bentley's master.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Helped with cleaning up the Boardwalk.


Deployed to and survived New Delhi.


He was not seen among Rachel's dogs when the end of the world approached. Given the environment he was living in he may well have died.[3]


  • It should be noted that as an English Bulldog Bentley does not have the typical american bulldog issues of being to low to the ground or having long drooping jowls.


  1. Her opponents were revealed as the shadows passed, arranged in a rough ring around her. Hellhound and her dogs took up half the clearing, in front of Shadow Stalker. She held a metal ring in each hand, with two chains extending out from each ring. The chains, in turn, were connected to harnesses around the heads and snouts of the ‘dogs’, each animal only a little smaller than a refrigerator. They were monstrous, with scaly, horned exteriors and exposed muscle. Not as big or ugly as they could get, Shadow Stalker knew. The smallest one was barking incessantly. Three of the four were pulling on the chains, hungry to get at Shadow Stalker, clearly intent on tearing her apart. Hellhound’s sharp pulls on the chains contracted the bindings around their snouts, which made them stop before they could get too close. - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.6
  2. Bitch’s bulldog, Bentley, was lying on the couch with his head nestled in Bitch’s armpit. I was on chapter three of my book when he began snoring, surprising me with how steady and loud the noise was. Sirius, the lab I’d met on a prior occasion, lay between Bitch’s legs, his head lying across her belt buckle. A setter was curled up at the base of the sofa with Angelica – I couldn’t remember its name. - Excerpt from Parasite 10.1
  3. “I couldn’t, though. They’d get hurt and that would suck. Aunt Rachel’s dogs get hurt or die a lot and it sucks.” - Excerpt from Polarize 10.6
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