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Behemoth vs New Delhi


July 26th, 2011


New Delhi, India


Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Hundreds to thousands of civilians
  • Death

Behemoth vs New Delhi marks the battle against the Endbringer Behemoth during his attack on New Delhi, India.

Prelude Edit

Weaver was meeting some kids with the Wards when the alert came through that Behemoth's attack was imminent. She took a Dragoncraft to New Delhi alongside the Chicago Wards.

Since her new, armoured costume wasn't finished, she wore her old "Skitter" costume to the fight.

Attendance for this fight was the highest of any Endbringer battle.[1]

Battle Edit

Behemoth began tearing into the heroes, destroying dragon-craft and heroes alike.

Accord was attacked and killed by Perdition , Chevalier and Tattletale were hospitalized as collateral damage.

Weaver and the Chicago Wards built a giant lightning-rod to deflect some of his attacks, attracting his attention. Alexandria, possessed by Pretender, appeared and began attacking alongside her old teammates. Weaver and the Wards encountered Contessa kidnapping Indian capes.

The Chicago Wards met up with the Undersiders , and used Foil's power in conjunction with Cuff's to cut off Behemoth's leg. Behemoth killed Regent and wounded Imp .

Phir Se attacked Behemoth with his time bomb attack. Weaver had the heroes draw back, and Eidolon defended the battlefield from the blast.

An injured Chevalier used Usher 's power to engage the Endbringer in melee.

Scion arrived and killed Behemoth.

Aftermath Edit

The remaining Endbringers began using hit-and-run tactics. Three new Endbringers eventually manifested, seemingly in response to Behemoth's death - Khonsu and the Twins.


  1. Record numbers show up, and this is all that’s left?

    Barely fifty heroes still stood their ground. The back lines were sheltered by giant hands of stone, Hellhound’s mutant dogs collecting the wounded, carrying them around the side of the building. Eidolon and Alexandria wrestled with the Endbringer, fighting in close quarters against the monster. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x

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