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Beast of Burden or 'BOB', is a Brute in multiple senses of the term.


Mean, completely fine with killing opponents and seemingly obsessed with machismo.[citation needed]


Had a few subordinates, like Nailbiter and Kitchen Sink.

Appearance & Equipment[]

He wears large and thick steel armor with a single slit for his eyes, with massive horns welded into the Helmet. He can move easily within it thanks to his Brute power.

Keeps a goatee in his civilian identity.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Had some sort of Brute power that let him move around easily in extremely heavy armor.[2]



He has a violent background.

Gold Morning[]

Presumably participated with other villains given the familiarity people had for him.


He found herself at the Lodge when Prancer made his pitch to the villains there.[3]

Acted as a crime boss in New Haven[4] and bossed around several people.

During the Mathers Compound Assault his violent treatment of his subordinates got him killed by Damsel of Distress.[5]


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  2. Behind him, Beast of Burden was arriving with reinforcements. The leader of the violent clique. No blood, no barbs or spikes, but the armor he wore was steel, and it looked like slabs had been cut off of tank armor. Helmet blended into body armor, so broad and heavy it didn’t leave a hint of a neck. The helmet had bull’s horns longer and thicker around than my leg and only slits for eyeholes. The chest armor was a slab shaped roughly like chest armor, and similar measures had been taken for the metal segments that encircled parts of his arms and legs. Cleat was with him, and Cleat was spiky in a way I’d anticipated Beast of Burden being.

    Beast of Burden, ‘Bob’, was quick for a guy wearing armor as heavy as his. - Shadow 5.4
  3. “Moose,” Prancer tried again.

    Moose frowned, glancing back at the stairs. “Yeah?”

    “Look at the room. Tell me, who do you know here?”

    “Some of the big guys. Biter, you and I had drinks with him. Etna, Crested, Beast of Burden, Bitter Pill, Nailbiter, Hookline, Kitchen Sink.”

    “Do me a favor?”


    “Round ’em up. Anyone you get along with, who you think wouldn’t cause a fuss.” - Excerpt from Interlude 1 II
  4. One of a couple who worked under Beast of Burden, who was crime boss for New Haven. Sink handled collections for the protection racket. - Shade 4.6
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