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Date posted 7 July 2018
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Beacon 8.2 is the second chapter of Beacon. Victoria considers Tinkers as Kenzie talks with D&D. Talks with Fume Hood, Tempera, Brandish, and Flashbang; Breakthrough discusses powerhouses and the team’s future plans.


Major EventsEdit

  • Breakthrough decides to extend their Cedar Point practice to the whole city.


  • Victoria speculates over gendered pattern in tinkers, which does not hold up to scrutiny.
  • The muckraking seen here would likely have been opposed by the PRT[2][3] or Cauldron.[4]



The WardensEdit


The Guild Edit




  1. At the hospital, I’d dealt with a tinker who had the freak-out rants. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.9
  2. Hierophant: I think it'd be mostly similar, except instead of amber cloning they'd just have a dinosaur tinker
    Horizon:Leviathan being that one super-saur in the lake in Jurassic World would be awesome though
    Wildbow:Nah, that'd be discouraged
    Cxaxakluth:I mean, the first movie is something like<[...]1993
    Hierophant:Didn't someone theorize that Earth Bet would incorporate parahumans into a lot of stuff
    Cxaxakluth:was behemoth around then?
    Wildbow:PRT would subtly discourage 'tinker creates catastrophe and citizens try to cope' movie. - IRC conversation, archived on Spacebattles.
  3. Keep in mind that the PRT is in large part a PR organization. They want to recruit wherever possible, and the more kill orders you sign off on, the less people are going to be willing to play ball with you. - Comment by Wildbow on Reddit.
  4. With the PRT, even ~more~ behind the scenes, you've got Cauldron. Cauldron doesn't want people going out and pulling this for many reasons - capes strong enough to warrant a sniper instead of a normal beatdown are capes Cauldron wants in the final confrontation. This is the sort of thing Contessa is regularly tackling - figuring out how to shut down elements like anti-parahuman hate groups and people who start using snipers.

    So people try to pull this and events conspire against them and they miss the shot. The incident gets reported, the target lives, the PRT cracks down on them, and the gang leader who put the money out there gets crucified, so to speak. - Excerpt from a comment by Wildbow on Reddit

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