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Date posted 7 August 2018
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Beacon 8.11 is the eleventh chapter of Beacon. Team Breakthrough debates with the showrunners, who dig into the hero’s pasts. Discuss Gold Morning; parahumans aren’t as screwed up as is believed. Taylor namedrop.


Major EventsEdit

  • Swansong debuts to the public in her heroic persona.
  • Taylor Hebert finally gets name-dropped. What happened to her is not common knowledge, but she is now the new bogeyman in the shared cape consciousness.





  • Lynn Chess
  • Hamza Kouri
  • John Combs



  1. Article: Two Black Raincoats & Forum Thread
    Let’s get to the examples. Four youths tried to get superpowers by working off of the ‘trigger’ theory of power gain, and became a newsworthy case in 2004. The event got out of hand, one boy and one girl took charge and preyed on the two younger members of the group, torturing them over the course of a weekend. Nobody gained powers, the search for the missing children led to the two older children being identified as they went into town on the Monday to get food and buy power tools, including a circular saw. They revealed the location of their victims; one of whom apparently lost fingers as the wire that was used to attach them to the toilet tank was too tight. Unnamed Boy was sent to juvie. Unnamed Girl was sent to psychiatric care. Both gained powers while in care, both were released in or around 2009. Reuniting, now with powers, they killed three people, wearing black raincoats to keep the blood off, and were not caught. They have been spotted in several locations at the Rochester span, wearing the black raincoats.

    “For the time being, the amnesty applies,” Chief Armstrong stated to the media. “We know where they are and we’re keeping tabs.”

    Good enough? - Excerpt from Glow-worm P.3

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