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The Baumann Parahuman Containment Center, better known as the Birdcage, is a prison for parahumans that have committed crimes severe enough that they must be removed from society. It is not designed to allow prisoners to leave after they have been imprisoned within it. Because prisoners are only meant to enter the prison, prisoners are loaded onto an elevator with limited oxygen.


The Baumann Parahuman Containment Center was presumably built in 1996,[1] Initially it was manned by an unknown overseer,[2] later it became Dragon's responsibility.[3]

Behemoth presumably tried to attack the Birdcage in 2001.[4][5]

Since its inception it has only been taking on more and more inmates.[6] At the time of May 2011 there were 606 inmates,[7] and at the time of June 2013 there were almost eight hundred or more.[8][9]

In the wake of Scion's attack, the Birdcage was opened and many of its inmates were released to assist in the fight.[8] The rest were liberated by a goddess.

Known Prisoners[]


The Baumann Parahuman Containment Center is located inside a hollowed-out mountain in British Columbia, part of the greater Rockies mountain range. Behemoth attacked it but it is unknown what damage he managed to do to the area, if any.


The Baumann Parahuman Containment Center was maintained by Dragon. It is inside a hollowed out mountain whose walls are lined with ceramics that were designed by Dragon, each layer of the mountain contains dormant containment foam, which will automatically start expanding upon a wall breach. Inside the mountain is a vacuum, and three thousand anti-gravity drones, which will detonate upon detecting an abnormality. Some of them contain containment foam and some are much more lethal.

Teacher surmised that there may actually be a spatial warping device that makes the entire prison no bigger than one's fist. This is why it would be nearly impossible for someone to break out.[13]

The prison itself is suspended inside the mountain by the same pipes that supply it with its supplies (such as books, blankets, cigarettes, food, water and air, and other objects), it is also split up into wings, the walls between which are negligible, allowing all the prisoners to intermingle. The prison was originally sex segregated but that didn't last.[14] The cell blocks are usually run by someone and some are very organized, such as Marquis' block, block W.

Societal Structure[]

As with any prison the inmates have their own economies and trade relationships. Cell block leaders are recognized within the prison as authority figures but not outside it. There are more cell blocks than there are leaders but it is recognized that this works. There are lawless zones outside of the cell blocks where people can reside.[15]

Dragon specifically places[7] or directs inmates to specific areas[14] and orders inmates to do things.[16] in order to keep the peace.


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    But they were firepower.

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  16. He had no plans. Or rather, he had a hundred. He’d spent seven years thinking about what he would do when he had a chance, a real chance that didn’t use food byproducts and what he extracted when he performed procedures on his cell block inmates. The mentally ill, the suffering. Take from one, give to another, level out serotonin, reduce aggressive urges. Now and then their parahuman overseer would get upset at him for building up too much of a collection, demanding he dump it. Until then, he had some freedom.

    He kept a cell block of people quiet, when they were of types who had no reason to be quiet, and in exchange, they left him alone six days out of seven. Another of the seven days was reserved for dealing with disputes and talking to other block leaders.

    Now he was out, all of those notes in his head, and with a hundred ideas to pick from, he had no ideas. - Excerpt from Interlude 10.y II

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