Battle at Hyde Park
Battle at Hyde Park by lonsheep by Lonsheep

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Hyde Park


Slaughterhouse Nine members defeated

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Battle at Hyde Park marks the battle between the heroes and various Slaughterhouse Nine clones.

Battle Edit

The heroes arrived in Hyde Park, but found no signs of anything wrong.

The attack began when one of the capes started morphing into a monster, seemingly the work of Psychosoma. Another cape incinerated it before it could hurt anyone, however, it turned out to be a Nyx illusion and an innocent cape had been killed. There were also several Night Hags present that made the situation very difficult.

The Slaughterhouse Nine clones had the upperhand, until Contessa and Number Man stepped out of a portal and singlehandedly murdered every single clone.[1]


  1. It was Contessa, accompanied by the Number Man. Both held guns.

    She shot one of the afflicted, then walked past the other, ignoring him. She opened fire in the fog. One clip, each shot aimed and measured, fired with a peculiar rhythm. One, then two in rapid succession, one, then two in rapid succession. She reloaded with an almost casual ease, then slid the gun into its holster.

    The Number Man had her back. He fired into the darkness three times.

    It took two minutes for the smoke to clear.

    Two Nyx dead. Three Psychosomas. Four Night Hags. - Sting 26.5
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