Bastard Son is a high ranking member of the Elite.


Audacious and disrespectful of all authority save his own, and possibly those of his peers, other leaders of the Elite. He is willing to give advice to those who pique his interest however.[1]

He keeps up a veneer of sophistication but is more than willing to order people's deaths for annoying him.[2] Finally he has a verbal tick where he says 'Heh' at the ends of his sentences.[3]


He has a deserved reputation for ruthlessness,[4][5] with his division of the Elite being considered nearly as destructive and violent as the Slaughterhouse Nine.[6] They seemed to have gained this reputation by being the Elite's go to strike team when softening up a new area for their expansion.[7]


Bastard Son usually has his hair styled in a wild fashion[4] while dressing in respectable highly tailored suits along with adornments like an earring and rings. Confirming his status as a cape he wears interchangeable masks that have things like leering smirks and mocking sneers cut into them.[8] He has a distinctive voice that is easily recognizable even over a phone,[9] along with the propensity to chuckle out a 'Heh'.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Bastard Son can grant inhuman levels of skill with obscure objects that his subjects can use in innumerable ways as tools and weapons. However, this has a detrimental effect on the subjects' mental integrity and independence, leaving them highly suggestible.[3] Known examples include but are not limited to baseball bats, ball peen hammers, darts, fingernails, glass shards, paper, ribbons, roller skates, string, and slingshots.

It is unknown how often Bastard Son can grant these skills and what limit, if any, there is to how many people can granted these skills before some supposed limit is reached.



Became a major player among the Elite, gaining experience and a reputation. He functioned as the 'tip of the spear' or enforcer, for the elite. Brought to the fore when the group was moving into an area or in conflict with another villain group.


With the failing health of Uppercrust, Bastard Son was one of several high-level members who were jockeying for a higher position within the organization.[10]



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