Barrow is the leader of Lost Garden.


He is charismatic enough to draw several young teen-aged parahumans to himself.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Barrow slowly replaces the environment around himself with an otherworldly forest. He can move in this 'borough' effect but cannot move beyond it, though he can extend the borough's radius by standing at the perimeter of it.[1] This change of position means that the area not in his presence reverts to normal.

It is unknown how his powers interact with others.[4]

The resources provided by his zone make him and members of his group essentially self sufficient.[4]



Early life and history unknown. Barrow was active enough that Tattletale began researching him.


Tattletale noted him as a threat in her files, they suggested that he was moving towards Brockton Bay and had since the conclusion of the fight against an S-Class threat.[3]

Lost Garden attacked the Undersiders, in the midst of this members also tried to mold the environment to make it easier for Barrow to advance.[5]

Vista, presumably, killed one of his cultists by the name Barrow Rose, when they finally reached the city.[6]


The amnesty had no effects on behavior of Barrow.[7]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Attempted to settle into The City, but became embroiled in a conflict with Deader and Goner and the Lords of the Pit.[4]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Considering his location, uncooperative nature, and slowness of movement he very likely perished during the calamity.


  • Barrow has several meanings but the most pertinent one here describes an ancient burial mound, what are also known as kurgans or tumuli.
    • Amusingly, a Barrow pig can describe a male swine that has been castrated before it has reached sexual maturity.


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