Barker is a self proclaimed fearless supervillain, who lives up to the word Villain in its original sense.


Barker has a highly abrasive personality, possibly to the point of oppositional defiant disorder.[1] Though he can make an adequate claim to fearlessness having come to Brockton Bay to face an Endbringer,[2] this does not serve him well when it comes to challenging Bitch's authority,[3] which could end, arguably, far more painfully.


Barker is described as being thin and short,[4] roughly five and a half feet tall with his hair and beard cut short enough that showed his brown skin more then his dark hair, he had tattooing around his mouth that depicted a mess of sharp teeth penetrating the skin of his cheeks and lips[2]. His eyes seem overly large for his face, with heavy lids and folds around them that made him look older. His 'costume' consisted of a black sleeveless t-shirt, and jeans with the tattoos adding to the effect.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Barker generates a gas with each sound he makes. Which is not linked to what he says at the time, merely the vocal stress he puts on it.[5][6] This gas can be converted into a variety of effects, including but not limited concussive force (most commonly used), heat and cold, as well as others.[7]

In the battle against a Dragon suit, Barker used his power to create a concussive force that caused it to stumble. He did this multiple times but it made his throat sore, from shouting so many words.[8] He can also use the ability to clear out anything obscuring his mouth and throat.[5]

He is resistant[1] to effects generated by his own powers, but not immune as repeated uses caused Barker's throught to get sore. Though this may have been due to shouting and screaming so much.



Barker is Biter's partner, they showed up in Brockton Bay to fight the Endbringer Leviathan that appeared there.[9]

Barker was hired by Coil to assist Bitch, he grated under her leadership.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

He later ended up on the wrong side of Skitter when demonstrated his power at her request.[3]

He acquitted himself admirably against the Melusine suit, knocking the thing down multiple times and turning his throat raw.[8] With the arrival of the relief in the form of Skitter, Imp, Regent and his thrall Shatterbird, the nascent Sons of Bitch would effect a strategic retreat from the conflict.

Barker did not noticeably participate in later actions.


While Barker went to Earth Gimel with the Sons of Bitch, he did not stay long, he may have had issues with living off of the local fauna. The super-villain would go on to find irregular work for different low-level villains over the years. His personality was unchanged from his experiences and as such he was not able to make any new friends.

Gold MorningEdit

During Gold Morning, he was briefly a pawn used by a Higher power against an even greater power. Against all odds and reason he survived, though he chose not to wear the yellow armband as many did.[10]


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