The man known as Bamet to outsiders, is a high ranking member of the Mathers clan.


As a Master he likely triggered from some form of isolated event.[1]

He seems to be a true Fallen believer, or an enormous dick, as he stubbornly declined to alter his victims back even under the threat of punishment.[2]

Having accepted the Red Queen's deal,[3] Bamet's neurology has been altered:[4] the defense of Shin is foremost in his mind though not strictly obedient to his new monarch.[5]


His BeastsEdit

His relationship with his creations is unknown but he was willing for them to be turned into pieces of costume.[6]


Wore all white,[7] with a pale leather mask.[8] Later changed the mask to three-faced one, announcing his abilities.[9]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Had the ability to imbue animals with human traits, at the expense of stealing them from human subjects. These changes are permanent. He does not require touch to make these changes.[7][9] The mutated creatures have some measure of sapience and sophoncy, thus they can be used to relay information,[10] and carry out a multitude of other tasks.[11]

How much they change is based on the animal used and the amount that Bamet has worked on them.[11]


Thanks to his power, the Fallen have a good source of leather goods to sell and outfit themselves with.[6]



Created beasts for his family to use.


Attempted to help defend the Fallen compound from invaders. His animals relayed information between the groups and even retrieved the stricken Fallen matriarch.

Though he hung back in the fighting he was still incapacitated.[12]

Post-Fallen FallEdit

Bamet was jailed alongside the other dangerous or problematic Fallen.[13] Following the prison's destruction he departed to Earth Shin.[14]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Bamet was present during the second Shin crisis.[14]


  • While there is no name in classical demonology that directly relates to Bamet it may be a syncope of Baphomet, a demon created for propaganda, or possibly Bahamut, a biblical creature theologically linked to Behemoth and Leviathan.


  1. I wrote a paper a while back about how Masters tend to have loneliness as part of their trigger events, and how maybe that was why Masters tend to be villains.  Because you need support and social pressure to be more of a good guy.  My professor then, the guy who I work for now, Dr. Wysocki, he tore me to pieces.  Too many other parahumans have it as part of their history.  Isolation.  It wasn’t enough to suggest a correlation. - except from Interlude 18.y
  2. Bamet could give people the features of animals, and vice-versa. It took surgery to fix, unless he cooperated. He hadn’t cooperated, apparently, for the entire time he’d been in the prison. He’d said it was a matter of principle, belief, and making unbelievers appear on the outside as they no doubt appeared on the inside.

    I hadn’t heard anything about Amy doing anything to make him come to Gimel and fix people, either. - Excerpt from Sundown 17.8
  3. “Everyone! You have a choice! We are going to Earth Shin! We are going to be an authority [...] There will be rules! This means submitting to my power! It will not be as Goddess’ was! You’ll follow a code of laws, you’ll maintain control and peace, and you’ll protect populations. You’ll be reasonably good! Or you can stay here. You’ll be freer, but you’ll also be a target for heroes!”
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  5. “No extreme violence,” Amy said. “I gave you rules and biological imperatives. Follow them.”

    “I am,” Seir said. “Shin set their own rules and imperatives, remember? You struck your deal with them, you gave us the rules they dictated. We can do whatever’s necessary to protect Shin. Including if we think a mass murdering little shit like him might pull something.”

    “Dangerous, horrible little shit like him,” Ahrima said, her voice young.

    Rain was stone still.

    Amy was silent.

    She didn’t have nearly as much control over her rotten eggs as she liked to pretend. - Excerpt from Sundown 17.8
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    Rain nodded, then typed.

    Bamet mutates with a touch. Permanent physical mental change. Uses stolen features to alter animals and make them smarter. Would be near stables.

    “He wears white?” I asked.

    Rain nodded. - Excerpt from Pitch 6.2
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    And in that instant, she didn’t sound like the confident girl I’d talked to. She was shaken. “It- bad. Bamet’s animals, they barely speak English. But his situation is bad.”
    I frowned.

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    “The animals?”

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    My pulse pounded as I approached. I turned sideways to appear less threatening and held my good hand up for the animals, trying to get them to ease up. My only experience with horses had been at Dean’s family’s place.

    The pigman made noises, and I winced. It sounds like a stuck pig. An animal in pain.

    I’d wondered how the barnyard cape had blended in with the Fallen aesthetic. I wasn’t wondering anymore.

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    If they were here, they were the kind of Fallen who were unquestionable problems. - Excerpt from Beacon 8.3
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