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Baltimore is a major city in United States of America, home to the twenty-sixth PRT department.[1]

Government and heroic organizations[]


The department was headed by Director Alfred Carr, who was accused of staging cape fights, leading to further allegations of collusion with villainous gangs and backroom dealings, circumventing usual PRT channels for income and pocketing proceeds for himself.[2]

Carr's actions greatly damaged the PRT at a time where trust in the organization was already low,[3] and the Baltimore department underwent a complete restructuring as a result, with Carr being replaced.[4]

The Protectorate[]

Name Description
Mayday Leader at one point.

The Wards[]

Name Description
Houndstooth Leader of the Baltimore Wards.
Optics A troubled young girl with a traumatic past.


Baltimore is known for its shifting gang scenes.[5]

Nevermore Girls (formerly) of Loch Raven[]

Name Description
Corax Makes darts that can send her and the target flipping off to huge heights; she'll always land on her feet her target doesn't have this guarantee. Blaster Cool customer, Cool, observent[6]
R.O.K. Tinker focused on admittedly kickass pair of powerful wings. Social, follower.[7]
Dark-Eyed Junco Gain clairvoyant awareness of an area which is especially strong in chaotic situations, But blind to everything outside said area. Planer, young.[8]



  1. The largest 65 cities in the United States host individual departments as of 2012. They are numbered accordingly, in order of decreasing size. [...] 26 Baltimore - PRT Master Reference
  2. ► America News: PRT Corruption in Baltimore

    Allegations against PRT Director Alfred Carr have borne fruit. After initial allegations of staged cape fights came up, a flood of further details arose, suggesting collusion with villainous gangs and backroom dealing, circumventing usual PRT channels for income and pocketing proceeds for himself. This series of revelations comes when public opinion regarding the PRT is already low, and assurances that the department will be restructured have done little to placate critics of the government-funded parahuman management organization...​ - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread ii p66
  3. “That’s a shame,” Wedge says. “I’d hoped you’d be able to find the time. You have to understand, we’re not established, we’ve had two minor wins and one ‘loss’, if we’re talking about the scale of the crimes, the train robbery, the Bratva at the docks, and the factory robbery where we apprehended Dredge. The victory over the Bratva wasn’t technically our victory, so it’s a wash. Public sentiment is fairly neutral, leaning slightly against us. Part of that has to do with greater issues in the PRT, the scandal that saw a lot of people leaving, and recent stories of corruption.”

    “The Baltimore thing,” you comment. - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread ii p70
  4. Not Baltimore. Baltimore is changing hands, undergoing a complete restructuring, but she would be the worst possible fit, especially with the reservations you’ve already heard. - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread ii p94
    • The local gang scene shifts often, and one recent shift saw the Nevermore Girls kicked out of the Loch Raven territory. They're villains in their older teens, and they're very much middleweight villains- nothing to scoff at in terms of power or skill, but not capable of holding a territory on their own, as their recent eviction suggested. They opt for a slightly mercenary approach- they'll join a team (provided that team sticks to the unspoken rules and isn't offensive or gross), and their approach is to reach out to every gang in the city and ask those gangs to make their best offer. Three parahumans, and if they don't join you, they're probably joining your competition.
    [ If the Nevermore trio joins a team, they'll be strong willed about things and may try to take over, and Junco is liable to be part of it. - Seeking plot hooks
  5. Corax is a blaster, shoots darts with thin lines attached. Once darts connect (including on enemy block), she can fling target up to 20' in a direction and fling herself at same time. She always lands securely on her feet. High Wits, Social, low Brawn, introspective personality. The 'cool headed' one of the group. - Seeking plot hooks
  6. R.O.K. (pronounced 'Roc') is a tinker, emphasizing very heavy mechanical wings and a bodysuit that lets her wear the wings without her legs folding backwards beneath her. The wings are strong enough to pry open a bank vault door, but are not deft enough to make easy attacks in melee. She can reduce their strength to load them with missiles or other playloads, but prefers to do so only for very precise, specific situations where she's countering a threat. The go-getter of the group, adventurous in personality, quick to connect & make friends, jump into a mission, or do new things, but not very bright and she knows it, deferring to the others. Brawn up, Know down. - Seeking plot hooks
  7. Dark-Eyed Junco (Junco for short) is a thinker who can take a block of time to survey an area. Gains precise clairvoyance and detailed information on that area, down to dust particles, history, who has been there, people's routines in that area, and some inklings about events that may come to pass there. While inside the designated area, which is enough to cover a large building or a house and the two neighboring properties, she is deft, quick, hyperalert, and benefits especially from chaos - scattered papers, destruction, fire, flooding, whatever else. She'll just roll with every bit of environmental fuckery and turn it on her enemies. Once she's focused in on an area, however, she's blind outside of it, and this takes hours to pass. Serious personality, she's small for her age and she's younger than the other two, but very 'adult' in demeanor and focus. Very focused on the politics and networking side of things, as well as longer-term goals, and making sure no slight goes unanswered. - Seeking plot hooks

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PRT Department #26: Baltimore
Director Alfred Carr
Members Mayday • Turtleshell • Aerobat
Team Captain Houndstooth
Members Avenguard • Avian • Stungun • Keychain • Blush • 10-59 • Pigeonhole • Optics