Battle at the Bank


ABB Insurgency

Bakuda vs. The Undersiders


April 15, 2011


Brockton Bay


Undersiders get away

Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Park Jihoo
Bakuda vs. The Undersiders marks the battle between Bakuda and the Azn Bad Boys and the Undersiders


The conflict was instigated by Bakuda (collaborating with Uber and Leet) kidnapping Bitch. When the Undersiders tried to rescue her, they were attacked.[1]


While this is going on Bakuda stages a raid to successfully break out Lung.


With the Undersiders escaping Bakuda's custody they head to Doctor Q's to get medical attention for their wounded members. Further they are forced to contact Skitter's father to mkae sure she had somewhere to recuperate.

Immediately following the battle, Bakuda began her bombing rampage throughout Brockton Bay.[2]

At an unspecified time after this Grue freed Btich from the ABB, where they had been attempting to torture her.[3]


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  3. The scentless man waits for something, then speaks again, “Are you okay?”

    “Fuckin’ peachy.” Brutus knows Master only says fuck word like that when she’s mad.

    “I have a hard time believing that, to be honest. You were in pretty rough shape when I found you with Über and Leet’s henchmen, and those guys from the ABB.”

    “I’m fine now,” Master tells him. She sounds angry. Brutus steps forward, ready to growl to add own voice to hers, but Master tugs on leash just a little and Brutus stays quiet.

    “When I found you, one of them had you tied to the ceiling by your wrists and was using you as a punching bag.” - Excerpt from Interlude 4

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