Backwoods is a villain operating out of the City.



Trophy WifeEdit

They have worked together.


Backwoods wears a gnarled wooden mask, a black toque, black overalls, heavy boots, and a dark green coat that appears to be smothered in oil or grease. He has a 'V' of branches sticking out his shoulders.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Backwoods produces branches from his back. When he hurls these branches, they explode into a dozen spikes and impale everything around them.[2] They can also work as effective barricades.[3] These branches can also bloom with poisonous flowers, eventually releasing a gas.[4]

Proximity effects cease when Backwoods leaves the range.[5]



He had a history of antagonizing The Huntsmen.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Backwoods, alongside the rest of Deathchester, began attacking and looting evacuating civilians. He fought against the combined forces of Breakthrough and The Huntsmen before being forced to retreat.

Post-Ice BreakEdit

Backwoods joined his team in taking on the Titans. He was counteracting the flow of the gas from Titan Eve.[6]


  1. Backwoods had a gnarled wooden mask, black toque, black overalls, heavy boots, and a dark green canvas coat that looked like it had been liberally smeared with oil or black grease. Maybe to dull colors or to turn a regular coat into something resembling forest camouflage. He held spear-like branches in each hand, and had a ‘v’ of two more branches sticking up from his shoulders. - Excerpt from From Within 16.4
  2. Backwoods was using his power too. He hurled his wooden spikes, they hit a car near the Huntsmen, and then exploded into a dozen more spikes, impaling the car from within. - Excerpt from From Within 16.4
  3. Capricorn and Backwoods were creating barriers to wall off the worst of the gas. Backwoods threw splinters of wood that exploded into barricade form, some of those barricades exploding out two or three times, extending the reach and density of the branches each time. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.4
  4. As I got closer, branches forked, stabbing out, and then bloomed, exploding into foliage with gray-green leaves and tiny white flowers. They grew with enough violence I could imagine I would have been scraped up, if not outright flayed or stabbed with a branch that then expanded out into five branches pointing out in different directions.

    I could see some spots where the foliage was already grown, perhaps strategically located to block the defending capes from being able to shoot. As I flew over, toward the Huntsmen, they motioned again. This time it was unanimous. Up.

    I flew up and over, giving the growths an extra-wide berth.

    Leaves and flowers came to pieces, detonating into what might have been poisonous gas or pollen, a heavy cloud that was about as dark as green could get while still being green. - Excerpt from From Within 16.4
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