The Azn Bad Boys, or just the ABB, are a major gang based in Brockton Bay. Their gang colors are red and green.[1]

Modus operandiEdit

The ABB was based out of the east end of the city,[2][3] mainly in the area known as the Docks.[4][5] They were mainly known for pressuring all young Asians in that part of the city to join; this was unusual, as most Asian gangs will recruit from a single ethnicity.[1]

The ABB commits crimes such as theft, protection rackets, peddling contraband, prostitution and sexual slavery.[6][7]


Along with Empire Eighty-Eight, the Azn Bad Boys was one of the most powerful gangs in Brockton Bay. Despite having far fewer capes than the E88, the ABB was considered an equal threat, mainly thanks to the powers of Lung and Oni Lee.

Like any gang it is effectively a tyranny held together by intimidation and murder.

Bakuda was able to expand membership amazing through a combination of kidnapping murder and minor invasive surgery.

PRT ResponseEdit

The Brockton Bay Protectorate has tried to stop them several times but were unable to bring Lung into custody.


Name Description
Lung Warlord dragon man bad temper. The longer he is in a fight the harder he is to put down.
Oni Lee Long time flunky of Lung swept up. He teleports and leaves behind a duplicate behind that can operate for a short time before disappearing.
Bakuda New addition, real go getter, a bomb tinker... Yeah that sums it up.



The Azn Bad Boys shares its name with the first American gang Lung joined when he arrived in America. He continues to use the name as an example of what he does to enemies.[8]

Lung made it a mission to conquer and absorb every gang in Brockton Bay with Asian members and many without. Once he had the manpower he needed, the non-Asian gangs were cannibalized for assets, their members discarded. [3]

Once there were no more major gangs in the east end of town to absorb, he began forcing anyone Asian older than twelve and younger than sixty to join or pay tribute. There had been local news reports on it, newspaper articles, and signs in the guidance counselor’s office detailing where people who were targeted in this way could go for help.[3]

Oni Lee was Lung's "flunky" in the ABB, and his only parahuman subordinate for a time.[1] Bakuda joined just before the story began.[9]

Story StartEdit

On April 11, 2011 Lung was brought into custody by Armsmaster with assistance from an unnamed vigilante and the Undersiders. At the time, the gang numbered between forty or fifty unpowered individuals.[3] Following his arrest, Bakuda took over the gang.

Notable elements of Bakuda's reign include the "recruitment" of all Asians between the ages of 15 and 50, the implantation of remote activated explosive devices into the heads of all ABB members, and the detonation of bombs throughout Brockton Bay. During these events, Oni Lee broke Lung out of prison. There was also a notable conflict between Bakuda and the Undersiders.

Due to Bakuda's over-the-top actions, several villain groups including Coil, the Undersiders, the Travelers, Faultline's Crew and Empire Eighty-Eight created a temporary alliance to dismantle the ABB. As a result of this alliance, both Lung and Bakuda were incarcerated in the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center and the ABB was dissolved.


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