Axehead, or Titan Skadi, is a former member of Advance Guard who turned into a Titan.


Titan Skadi is highly aggressive compared to her peers, requiring immediate action on the part of the heroes when it came into being.[1]

According to the tinker scans Skadi still contained a part of her initial Axehead-self.[2]


Titan Skadi has a face like a blade, with two jaws. She has no eyes. Her ‘flesh’ is black, red, and white-hot pink. She has long golden hair that drapes to the ground, and a giant pillar in place of her legs.[3] Skadi also has axes for hands, and several layers of armor.[4] She is between 6 and 12 stories tall.

Given that shards are influenced by how their hosts wore in life, Axehead presumably wore an ax shaped helmet that allowed her to headbutt efficiently.[5] She probably also had access to the costuming services that Advance Guard is known for.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As Axehead, she had a rather inflexible ability to teleport, only near the biggest "threat" in her vicinity and only towards this threat. This ability could be applied in battle by "lining up a shot" and teleporting towards the most dangerous target on the field, hitting any collateral targets on her way towards said target.[5] Her shard has an evaluation mechanism that fixed what the greatest threat to herself was, which means if her actions put herself in danger she could be cut off from her power in the middle of a fight.[6] She could not teleport other people with her.[7]

As the Titan Skadi, all her powers limiters are gone, including those of her human body;[8] her teleporting now seemingly has no range limit. Her shards threat calculation[6] has scaled up into a complete danger sense which she uses to assess the biggest threat and immediately teleports to it.[1] Skadi appears to absorb the light in the area as she teleports, enveloping herself in a shadow wherever she appears.


Generally dual-wielded weapons, on top of having a weaponized costume.[5]


The Ice BreaksEdit

Axehead was one of the unfortunate capes to trigger into a Titan. As Titan Skadi, she immediately occupied the attention of the Wardens, as she was highly aggressive.

She was initially unconnected to any titan-network, but eventually stumbled onto Titan Auger and was subjugated into his shard network, which led to her dismantling Dragon's assault on Titan Oberon.[9] She assisted Oberon in the fight with Eve and Wardens. Later in the fight Skadi was tied with Parian's skin puppet, being unable to deal lasting damage to it.[10]

Auger used Skadi to get the jump on Valkyrie.[11] After that Skadi's attention mostly stayed on the Shardspace saboteurs. She continued slaughtering them despite heroes efforts.[12]

Skadi was weakened by the Shardspace bombing and cut off from Oberon's network by Rain.[13] In the aftermath, Oberon attempted to re-submit her.[14]

Skadi attacked unpowered saboteurs in The Firmament during The Shepherds guard-shift, killing Riveting and leading to Tribute and Tristan Vera deaths.[15]

Skadi continued being independent while annoying both Fortuna's network and Dauntless' titans.[16][17]

In the final moments she joined the Fortuna's network and protected it from The Simurgh.[18]


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