Australia, the land down under, is a part of Oceania, and under as much stress as anywhere else.


Large hell desert continent surrounded by habitual coast, do not pet wild life.


Points of InterestEdit

  • Sydney - destroyed by Leviathan rebuilt stronger than before.[1]
  • Canberra - Simurgh Quarantine Zone[2][3] and persumably the former national capital.



Sydney was one of the first cities to be destroyed by Leviathan and one of the few to be rebuilt.[1] Around the same time Gavel was kicking around making a spectacle and hunting down 'criminals',[4] his violent executions eventually landed him in the Birdcage.

Three months before Worm started, on the 24th of Febuary 2011[5] the Simurgh attacked Canberra,[6] and 'won'.[7]

The City was sealed under a dome,[8] and samples were retrieved to be investigated by the proper authorities.[9]

Story StartEdit

The Simurgh's attack on Canberra was the most recent Endbringer strike. Indirectly, it was also partially responsible for Canary being imprisoned.[7]

Gold MorningEdit

During the evacuation after the first strikes the CUI sent it's Yàngbǎn agents to secure the evacuation zone for their own use. Attacking civilians in the process.[10]


  • A Case 53's adventures in the domed city of Canberra would have been subject to another quest after PRT Quest had concluded.[2]


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