The Assault on the Time Bubbles is the event in which March attacked Brockton Bay, in order to mess with the time bubbles within.

Prelude Edit

Several different Thinkers evaluated the time bubbles, and concluded that trying to free the people trapped within them would do much more harm than good.

Events Edit

March and her Megacluster launch an attack on Brockton Bay, as Vista folds it into itself in defense.[1]

March released the mayor of Killington from a Gray Boy loop he was trapped in, resulting in a Broken Trigger in which enormous worms started appearing. A large part of the Wardens were directed to deal with this situation.

Meanwhile, March had moved on and was making her way towards the bubble containing Dauntless, Alabaster, and Jotun. Several heroes intervened to try and stop her. She took out several of them, including Tempera and Withdrawal, and stuck her sword through Vista's chest. When she finally reached the bubble, she popped it, and released the three capes within. Dauntless and Alabaster immediately underwent a broken trigger, while March stabbed Jotun in the head, so Ixnay could drain him.

Aftermath Edit

  • Dauntless absorbed Alabaster, grew to the size of a mountain, and appeared in seemingly every single dimension.


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