Ash Beast is a major threat S-class by any defintion, but for its slow pace making it easy to track, enough to evacuate people out of its path.[2]


Ash Beast is described as an unending explosion, a person standing in the center of a rolling mass of fire and smoke. Within the flames, he changes shape, sometimes growing wings or leonine claws.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ash Beast's power is not fully understood, but relies on a conversion between mass and energy to constantly surround himself with some kind of explosion. He seems to possess a regenerative ability and exhibits partially uncontrolled shape-shifting.[4] His explosions are comparable in power to the destructive capabilities of an S-Class threat.

Has a shapeshifting beast form generated through constant matter/energy and energy\matter conversion[1] allowing him to replace and rearrange parts of himself. This kept him far healthier then he should have been.[5] He could absorb fire and presumably other forms of energy to augment his form.[6]

Ash Beast was shown to be capable of matching Scion for an indeterminate period of time. In that fight, he was able to regenerate even as Scion tore into him.[7]

According to Tattletale, Ash Beast is one of the earlier examples of Shard overtaking its host completely.[8]



Ash Beast triggered in Matruh, Egypt and has been roaming around Africa ever since. As he traveled on foot, people could see him coming from miles away. As a result, by the time that he reached a settlement, it had been evacuated.[3]

People tried to control Ash Beast, to steer him in the general direction of their enemies, though it rarely worked for long.[2]

Gold MorningEdit

Khepri created a bubble in range of Ash Beast before using Doormaker to create a portal so she could exert her control over him. She had Trickster bring Ash Beast through the portal before sending him against Scion.[5] Ash Beast and Scion started to tear into each other as Khepri pulled her front-line capes back.[7] Khepri sent other capes to assist Ash Beast including one that fed fire into his body.[6]

He was killed by Scion while controlled by Khepri, erased alongside a number of capes including Othala and Trickster.[9]

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