Armiger is a hero and a member of the Shepherds.


Armiger appears to be a member of Scribes clique within the Shepherds.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Armiger has a forcefield ability, that becomes more elaborate the longer it is used. It is seen taking the form of a shield with wings, horns, a lions head, and flags. When it reaches the point of being too fancy to be effective, it will radiate a mental effect out in front of it, the specifics of which are unknown.[1]


The Ice BreaksEdit

When the ice broke, Armiger was present with his team when Victor triggered into a Titan, and barely managed to escape with his life.

Armiger was among the Shepherds that dropped the Nemean Titan into the reality cracks,[2] and countered Skadi's attack on shardspace saboteurs.[3]


  1. Armiger, at least, had his powers. the forcefield above him elaborate and getting more elaborate by the second. A shield with wings, horns, a lion’s head, flags… It would reach a point where it was more fancy than effective, with the idea being it swung from forcefield to a mental effect that radiated out in front of it. - Excerpt from Interlude 17.z II
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