The Archer's Bridge Merchants, commonly referred to as the Merchants, are a supervillian gang operating in Brockton Bay. Their gang sign was a capital M with two vertical lines through it. [1][2]

Modus operandiEdit

The merchants are a result of drug dealers and users gaining powers, forming a team, and then using those powers ensure they can get rich selling and taking drugs.[3] As small group with smaller goals, they were never able to carve out much of a following in Brockton Bay.[4][5] Consequently they did not engender respect amoung other cape groups in the city.[6]

With the visit of the Endbringer following the gang war The Merchants started taking control of more territory and by extension tried to become a larger more powerful group. This also feed into dangerous gladiatorial matches and other traumatizing activities in order to create and recruit parahumans.

PRT ResponseEdit

As a smalltime gang with small ambitions they did not warrant much PRT attention,[4] at least in comparison to other Villain groups. They were taken more seriously after a certain fish arrived. Then PRT had to start taking them seriously.[7] They tried to stop the group from spreading their influence and interfering with the recovery efforts.

What truly achieved this was the intervention of two teenage villains. Their actions and the raid by Faultline’s Crew damaged their reputation.



Coalesced when drug dealers and users gained superpowers.[3] Before Bakuda, they used an abandoned lighthouse. The name of the group wasn't well-known to civilians.[8]

Story StartEdit

Following Bakuda's bombing spree and the ABB's expansion pushing them out,[8] the Merchants made a truce with the Empire Eighty-Eight, Undersiders, Faultline’s Crew and Coil to deal with them.


Following the attack, the Merchants took over the Docks. People fell in line with them due to the lack of utilities, public services and supplies. Shortly afterwards, the Merchants began attacking city infrastructure, the airport, grocery stores, malls and seized medical supplies and food as they came in.[7]

Skidmark tried to capitalize on the new membership by forcing trigger events and distributing "powers in a can". One of these events was raided by Faultline and her crew as well as other parahumans. This broke the merchants reputation.

The Merchants were later wiped out by the Slaughterhouse Nine after they had arrived in Brockton Bay,[9] and after Shatterbird had sung.


Name Description
Skidmark Leader, could implant environments that forced anything intersecting with it in a single direction. Killed by the Nine.
Squealer The Merchants Tinker, large variable builds but her addictions keep her from becoming a threat. Killed by the Nine.
Mush Changer who could gather debris in the environment into a giant form that he could fight with. Killed by the Nine.
Trainwreck Case 53 tinker, creating steam-powered suits. 'Joined' after Leviathan's visit at the behest of another master. Killed by the Nine.
Scrub Joined after Leviathan's visit. Triggered, possibly inadvertently, thanks to Skidmarks machinations. Can annihilate anything. Escaped the Nine, defected to another Crew.
Whirlygig Joined after Leviathan's visit. Could create telekinetic whirlwinds with debris. Killed by the Nine.


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