Arcadia High is a high school in Brockton Bay. It is located near downtown, somewhere near Brockton Bay Central.


Arcadia High is four stories high with two long buildings connected by a shorter crosspiece. The south side holds classrooms, the cafeteria, and the gym. The north side is longer with an auditorium and more classrooms.[1]


Most of the Brockton Bay Wards team were known to be attending Arcadia High,[2][3][4] because it was both the nicest public school in town and the closest to the Wards HQ.[4] It is a vocational school, allowing the Wards to spend half of their school day working as superheroes.[5]

Dinah Alcott attended a middle school nearby Arcadia High.[6]



  1. Arcadia High consisted of two longer buildings joined by a third, joining them to form something like a capital ‘H’. The main office, where I was, and all the other administrative and staff-related facilities seemed to be located around the center. The only exits from this immediate area would open into an open space where I would be surrounded by walls lined with windows, all looking down at me. Worse, the doors all had the heavy horizontal bars that suggested they were emergency exits, and an alarm would sound if I used them.

    Assuming I had someone after me, I couldn’t afford to put myself in that position.

    That left me two options. I could head into the building to my left, which featured four stories of classrooms, the cafeteria and a gymnasium, with a door that led to the student parking lot at the front of the school, or I could head right, into a building that was much the same, though longer, with an auditorium and the front doors of the school in close proximity to one another, and quite a few more classrooms. - Excerpt from Chrysalis 20.4
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  7. Right. Arcadia was one of the schools that had a Faraday cage, if I was remembering right. Something to stop kids from texting and making calls in class. - Excerpt from Chrysalis 20.2

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