Apocrypha was a clone of Alexandria created by Echidna.


She shared Alexandria's memories, but, like all Echidna clones, felt a driving desire to destroy everything her original cared about. She was only named in the chapter tags.


Apocrypha had very similar abilities to her original - flight, strength, and invulnerability. While it is not directly showcased it can be presumed she also has her source's Thinker abilities.[2]

Like Alexandria, her power didn't defend against abilities that made heavy use of inter-dimensional phenomena, such as Scrub, Damsel of Distress, Foil, or March. Eidolon made use of this vulnerability to destroy her.[3]


Unlike other clones, she was not explicitly described as malformed in any way. Apocrypha was outfitted with a white costume of reverse coloring to Alexandria uniform with a broken tower in place of the original's whole one.

Trivia Edit

  • There were two clones of Alexandria created in the Echidna attack, one of which was granted the costume by the clone of Eidolon, the other fought naked. Both were destroyed in combat by Eidolon.[4]


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