Goddess' Takeover

Antares vs Lung


Winter 2015


Parahuman Prison

  • Antares captures the Pharmacist
  • Lung is mastered by Goddess
Damage Sustained/Casualties

Antares vs Lung marks the battle between Victoria Dallon and Lung.

Prelude Edit

Goddess and her forces are taking over the parahuman prison. In response, Teacher sends several capes to stop her.

Battle Edit

Antares takes on Lung, with the assistance of Capricorn and Precipice. Lung and the Pharmacist are teaming up to light everything on fire, including various powers.

Victoria spends a lot of the fight flying around and dodging attacks, hitting Lung with her aura when she can. Later, she attempts to utilise the wretch to smack him with a beam, and to throw objects at him. Meanwhile, Rain is routinely throwing his blades at Lung, while Byron constructs a constellation over him, that ultimately rains down on Lung and turns to rock.

After a long and difficult battle, Victoria eventually manages to figure out where the Pharmacist was located, and managed to capture her, ending the battle.

Aftermath Edit

  • Lung is mastered by Goddess.


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