Annette Rose Hebert was an English Professor at a college in Brockton Bay, the mother of Taylor Hebert.


Taylor describes her mother as "...a physical presence.  All of her gentleness and warmth.  Her silent, quiet disapproval.  Her brilliance, which she couldn’t share with me right now."[1]


Annette was a tall, willowy woman with long, dark curly hair. She had a thin-lipped, wide, expressive mouth[2], which Taylor inherited.



Annette was part of Lustrum's gang before it devolved into a violent mob.[3] She met her husband in college, Danny Hebert, and had her daughter soon after.

Annette died in a car crash around a year before her daughter started high school.[4] It was later revealed that she was on her cell phone when the collision happened which led to an unofficial ban on cellphones in the Hebert household.


Her gravestone is engraved with the epitaph[1]:

"Annette Rose Hebert
She taught something precious to each of us."


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