Animos is a villainous member of the Teeth.


The Teeth all wore costumes which had blades, spikes and spines all over them, as well as the teeth, bones and other body parts of their defeated foes.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Animos has the ability to change into a dog-like creature for a limited time, comparable in size to one of Bitchs fully transformed dogs[1]. While in this form, Animos has a power nullifying roar.[2]



Came to Brockton Bay alongside the rest of the Teeth.

Animos was defeated alongside the rest of his group, in the Destruction of the Teeth by the combined forces of the Undersiders and the Ambassadors.


  1. One dog leaped to the side, planting its feet on a wall, then leaped for the Teeth on the far side.

    A four-legged creature just a little smaller than the dog lunged into the air, brought the two of them crashing down into the midst of the sea of tiny forcefields. Animos. - Excerpt from Imago 21.1
  2. “Then who’s a higher priority? The Teeth?”

    “Lots of aggressive powers. Butcher’s at the forefront of it all. Spree has rapid fire duplicate generation, Vex has the ability to fill empty spaces with small, razor-sharp forcefields, Hemorrhagia is a limited hemokinetic with some personal biokinesis, Animos can transform for limited times and packs a power nullification ranged attack while in his other shape. There’s two or three others.”

    “I’m asking about their goals,” I said. “Any clue what they’re thinking? Are they going to come after us?” - Excerpt from Imago 21.1

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