Angelica is a terrier and one of Bitch's original three dogs.[1]

A well-trained attack dog, Angelica is the third dog Rachel trained to use her power on, and the fourth animal she massively increased in size. In Brutus' interlude, she is still in training but rapidly becoming a part of the pack.[2]



Angelica was saved from an abusive owner by her master.[1]

Was the newest addition to the Undersiders before Skitter joined, having been taken in by Rachel less than five months before canon.[3]

Story startEdit

During a skermish with neo-nazi's After beinf injured by Fog, she was no longer capable of combat.

She was there when Taylor and Lisa came back to the hideout after the thing girl reacted badly to the revelation that her employer had abducted an oracular child. Angelica was able to summon just enough energy to investigate the thin girl before climbing back onto the couch and returning to sleep.[citation needed]

Consequently she was not there when Judas and Brutus gave their lives in defense of the city in the battles closing hours.


As Rachel's most well-trained dog, Angelica was often kept at a larger size to intimidate and train the other dogs Rachel collected and brought into the field over the following months.


Several years later she was still serving effectively the same role though she may have translated into more of a standard bearer.[4]


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