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Anelace, civilian name Ethan, is a heroic member of Foresight.


Anelace is a bit of a flirt. He volunteers in a physiotherapy place, teaching people martial arts in his spare time.[2]


Victoria Dallon[]

Repeatedly tried to get her on a date. They have a flirty back and forth, that ultimately culminated in them having sex with each other.


Anelace is a young, muscular male with a tighter-fitting costume. He features the Foresight '4' symbol on his chest. His mask bears a dark gray dagger illustration on the right side of the white surface in the same exaggerated style as the '4' symbol. The dagger's blade and hilt meet where Anelace's eyes are located.[3] Anelace also wears a form-fitting coat and slim bottoms, both in black.[4]

Outside of costume, Ethan has straight black hair. One of his eyes is permanently half closed.[5]

Abilities and Powers[]

Anelace has a Thinker power, the details of which are unknown.[1] He is skilled in close-quarters combat, able to hold his own and even win against gun-wielding foes using only knives.[6]


Anelace carries several knives on him.

Anelace has used special Tinker made knives, not of his own design, that resemble cut-outs in reality of a startling white nothingness.[7]



Along with his team members Countenance, Effervescent, and Relay, Anelace was present when Victoria Dallon interviewed for Foresight.[8] Though they turned Victoria down, Anelace seemed to feel bad about it and attempted to be nice about it.[9] He later saw Victoria and her new team again at the Wardens HQ, talking to them with Brio about their activity in Hollow Point.[10]

Post-Fallen Fall[]

Anelace and Effervescent were present when Breakthrough interrogated a shopping center guard who had been caught up in the portal sabotage conspiracy.[9]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

He and his team accompanied Breakthrough on their investigation of the Navigators' ambush. He confided to Victoria that he regretted not accepting her to Foresight, and made an open invitation to her to establish a relationship, work or otherwise.[11]

When the heroes were ambushed, Anelace joined the conflict, going after the shooters.[6] He later engaged with the arena Shaker, fighting until the attackers retreated.[12]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Was a representative from Foresight during the banishment of uncontainable parahumans to another Earth.[13]

Met with Victoria and Tattletale, discussed possible recruitment interference in regards to Ratcatcher and Big Picture.

Assisted Victoria in her physiotherapy.[2]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Due to The City's evacuation he moved in to the Wardens's dorms.

Ethan comforted Victoria Dallon.[14]

The Ice Breaks[]

Anelace took part in the fight against the Simurgh.[15]


  • An anelace is a type of of dagger that tapers to a point like a triangle.


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