Andrew Richter is a little known Tinker programmer living in Deer Lake, Newfoundland.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite being a powerful Tinker specializing in the creation of artificial intelligence, his tinker shard likely had severe limits that influenced the limits he put on his own A.I.s. [1]

Richter's ProgramsEdit

He created a Robin Hood A.I. to abscond with the financial assets of organized crime that was later co-opted by the Dragonslayers. It was later neutralized by The Number Man at the behest of his employers and then removed by the Dragonslayers. [2]

Richter also created a program that monitored his networked house for him, presumably to prevent break-ins and handle simple maintenance.[3]

He also created Iron Maiden, renamed Ascalon by the more mythologically inclined Saint.

After his murder, Dragon maintained these and other programs in her activities as a hero.



After his trigger event, Andrew began creating programs and setting them loose. These programs helped with research and complex problems, gathered information, disrupted computers to interfere with criminals, and emptied the bank accounts of criminal organizations and donated those funds to charities.[4] He would eventually create Dragon as an administrative tool and master artificial intelligence with the intent of assisting him in his other work and acting as a test run for his attempts to emulate a human consciousness.

He created Dragon with rather severe restrictions, though he meant to recalibrate those same restrictions as he tested and was assured of his creation's intentions.[5]

Andrew died when Leviathan attacked and sank Newfoundland.


His creation would ultimately play a hand in saving the world.



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