Amaymon is a member of the Fallen.


He was more then willing to hurt people on instructions from senior fallen members.[1]


Amaymon wears an oval plate mask[3] with four lens arranged linearly on it. Every time he uses his power the circles flare with energy.[4] Interestingly the circles only flare if he has a diagram not active or being used.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Amaymon can summon four totems or "diagrams", each with a specific function. They can either be used to suppress a specific parahuman ability[2] or to create some other effect.[6] He can summon them all at once but when he uses one the other three disappear.[4] While the trump effect is suppressing another parahumans power he can not use the effect,[7] the supression effect itself is temporary.

He can redraw the diagrams at will but if he has used them before they will be semi transparent.[8] Slowly fading back in until they are, presumably, back to full strength.

It is unknown how his power effects parahumans whose powers effect the body.[9] He is ineffective against Case 53s.

He can handle his creations, having used the crescent like a sword and presumably can use the others.[5]

Totem Description
Javelin Blaster dart[5] effect emits a dark orange light by all caught in it.[4]
Petard Circular creation that has a concussive effect[5]
Saber Crescent shaped energy that can be wielded like a sword.[5]
Trundle Wheel-Star creation that can move him and others[10] a moderate distance to a predetermined location.
Target Effectiveness
Victoria Dallon Damaged her emotional aura and her ability to fly.
Rain Totally negated blaster power.[8]
Sveta No noticeable effect,[9]



It was unknown how long he has been part of the Fallen, he is likely one of the highly placed members given his abilities.[7]


Came to defend the the Mathers compound, if he was not already there.[11]

Amaymon was involved in several skirmishes.

Ultimately taken captive and presumably jailed.


  • Amaymon is a Prince of Hell from classical demonology of some power and respect.
  • Amaymon's ability to interfere with powers crosses the classification barriers of Trump (affecting powers of others) with other classifications (movement, blasting, destruction) are irrevocably linked and as such are indicated with a slash(\).[2]


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