Richard Anders, also known as Allfather, was the founder of the Empire Eighty-Eight.


His children inherited several important traits from him, such as the savagery needed to carve out a position of power, as well as the social prowess needed to form an organization of like-minded individuals.

With the intelligence of knowing when and how to apply this savagery, he forged his large petty kingdom.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Richard had the ability to generate from nothing, blades of varying design formed of metal, then impart velocity to them. Theoretically, he could make them hover by using the velocity imparting ability to counter gravity.[2]

Limits on his power are unknown, presumed to be limited by: radius of control, line of sight, Manton Effect, personal ability to multi-task, and ability to visualize desired design of 'blade' intended. Material limits might be pure metal, specific alloys, other limitations, might not be able to impart velocity beyond specific limits, or a limited number of 'adjustments'.



According to Marquis, after he killed Iron Rain, Richard supposedly called a meeting. He swore that he would wait until Marquis' daughter was of similar age and that he grew equally fond of her as he had his own daughter before he would murder her.[4] This was a partially fabricated story. Although Marquis did take the credit for the murder and successfully fooled the PRT, he did not kill Iron Rain[5], and anyone who understood him as well as Jack Slash did would have realized this. It is unknown whether Allfather was fooled.

He was alive at the time of Marquis capture by the Brockton Bay Brigade and subsequent imprisonment of his rival in the Birdcage.[6]

Story StartEdit

Dead and buried.

His identity was finally publicly revealed when a criminal mastermind revealed the secret identities of the parahumans in his former organization, including his son and daughter-in-law.[1]

Chapter AppearancesEdit

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x. Interlude 7 Absent


  • Allfather is one of the titles of Wotan , better known as Odin, the 'sky father' of Norse mythologies, and references the Odinism sometimes seen in white supremacist circles.[7]


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