'All-or-Nothings' is a threat-assessment term used by the PRT to refer to capes[1] with highly potent powers.

All-or-Nothings specialized in directly dealing damage can be referred as Annihilators, so there is some overlap with the old Nuker classification.



All-or-nothing is not strictly linked to the general threat level of a parahuman, but denotes high quality, "hard counter" nature of the power itself. For example Clockblocker, Damsel of Distress and Torso all have very strong powers once applied, but are severely limited in that three of them have to use their own legs and wits to get to the target, which hurts their general threat levels. Contessa, on the other hand, is directly aided by her power to be in the right place in the right time, which solidly puts her into 12+ "do not expect to win" category of threat.[11][12]

Despite this these powers can be worked around or canceled out through various means, including:

Some tinkers, such as Armsmaster,[19] are able to replicate these effects.

Using All-or-nothing powers is one of the very few ways to kill an Endbringer[20][21] or an “unkillable” cape like Alexandria[2] or Gavel.[22]



The only reason Humanity has a chance was because this came at the right time.[23]

Story StartEdit

Was used multiple times against the Undersiders.

Their use was showcased against Leviathan.[24]


The limitations of an All-or-nothing cape was shown against members of the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Clothsline operation was important in turning the tide against Echidna and taking down Ignis Fatuus.


Several powers were used to great effect against Behemoth.


Siberian and Clockblocker canceled each-other out.[5]

Gold MorningEdit

Was intrinsic in ending the event once the enemies will to fight was broken.


One such cape settled in Hollow Point.

Mathers Compound AssaultEdit

Three users, two from the same cluster were on the battle showcasing the dangers of this technique.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Bluestocking gets a clarification on the PRT usage of the term versus the general one.[1]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Several capes of this description were grouped as 'annihilators' by Antares, meaning those with the ability to seriously hurt Titans.[25] Some though, like Gundeck, Teem and Solarstare may not actually qualify for the All-or-Nothing.[26]

Clockblocker's power was used to temporarily paralyze The Simurgh, and produced a fumble with Hookline due similar all-or-nothing quality.[17]


  • It is an obvious point of contention in the fandom which capes actually fit in this category.


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