Aiden is an orphan with whom circumstance has gifted with Power.


A quiet, solemn boy who worries a lot.[1]

He had regular nightmares and intermittent sleepwalking, screaming in the night, until one night he dreamed about space-whales. After that, they stopped.[2][1]



Tattletale taught him about things, about what specifically is unspecified. He grew accustomed to people swearing from being around Tattletale's men.[3]


He carried a pigeon.[4][3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

He can see through birds' eyes when he isn't controlling them and, when he is controlling them, the birds go where he 'pushed' and moved away from where he 'pulled'.[2] He cannot control them individually, rather he sets 'invisible flags' or rally points where birds get pulled towards. Alternatively this can be used to make the influenced birds move in a wave, told to attack targets on their way and similar actions.[5] His control was fine enough to make an individual pigeon hop from one knee to the other, then back again.[4]

He was later seen controlling a flock of birds, and can likely control full flights of such.[5]

Aiden triggered with a bud of Taylor's Administrator Shard that allows him to control small simple life forms. In his case, birds.



Full history is unknown but was presumably the son of brockton bay natives.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Pseudo-adopted by Taylor Hebert and moved into her headquarters along with other children that were orphaned by The Nine. Cared for by Charlotte[2]


Drew a picture after having strange dreams of space-whales, after Skitter came home the night her identity was revealed.[2][1]


Triggered from an old nightmare, the first in a long time, a day before Gold Morning,[2] possibly with the return of the Slaughterhouse nine.

Gold MorningEdit

Was at the gathering before the Undersiders went to the Cauldron meeting.

Aiden was no longer staying with Charlotte.[6] He was being taught by Tattletale, and looked after between lessons by her soldiers, although Charlotte still checked up on him.[3]


  • It is not canon the Aiden's last name or cape name is Hitchcock.
  • Chicken Little's name is pegged as Aiden as it is spelt different ways in story and in WOG.


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