Known as Ahrima to outsiders, a young member of the Fallen.


It is unknown how her young age and presumable indoctrination[1] with Fallen propaganda[2] has affected her views and personality. Regardless Ahrima was imprisoned with the other Fallen so she was likely a believer.[3]

Having accepted the Red Queen's deal,[4] Ahrima's neurology has been altered:[5] the defense of Shin is foremost in her mind though not strictly obedience to her new monarch.[6]


Ahrima is a prepubescent girl[7] whose generic fallen demon mask has an eye in the middle, typical Thinker signage.[8] The sign of her power use, on herself or others, are glowing yellow eyes, specifically their irises.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

According to Rain; Ahrima has a danger sense and unspecified enhanced perceptions, more importantly she can also gift it to others.[9] She can rapidly switch who has her power; those who do can dodge attacks from behind, in front and generally increasing their evasion chances.[10] Anyone under her empowerment has glowing yellow eyes.[7] It is unknown what mechanism she uses to transfer her powers, if there is set up needed for example or if she can sense who she can give her powers to just as those who are gifted with her power gain enhanced sensation.

Similarly, it is unknown if by giving up her own Thinker enhancement she affects her normal senses or incapacitates herself; nothing is explicated in text.[11]



Was traded[9] into the Mathers branch as part of Mama Mathers trying to gain protections.[1] Though she lacked power synergy with the Madam, Ahrima was still kept around.[9]

Gold MorningEdit

It is unknown if she had her powers during the event.


Took part in the family's defense against outside invaders. She was part of the reversal that the Speedrunners made possible, Locked in a car for a modicum of protection.[11] Eventually incapacitated due to Victoria and Imp's teamwork.[12]

Post-Fallen FallEdit

Ahrima was jailed alongside other, more troublesome fallen members.[13] Following the prison's destruction, she departed to Earth Shin,[14] accepting the Red Quuens deal.[4]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Ahrima was present during The Second Shin Crisis, protecting The Red Queen.[14]


  • Ahrima has not been strictly identified as a Trump within the text, thus she is only identified as a Thinker here.
  • Ahriman is a Persian word often used in a religious context, usually meaning destruction.


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