Agnes Court is a emergent member of The Elite.[2]


Agnes Court was content with the business side of things as a manager and recruiter. She was cautious in her business dealings, and a recurring midground member of Elite Corporate Teams when work needed to be done.[3]


Even those who didn't know her full connections to the Elite, which was privileged information, recognized her as a powerful and versatile hero.[1] Those who did know considered her one of the more legitimate members of the Elite, like Uppercrust, and far less like Bastard Son, who was almost her opposite number, her antipode.[3]


Court wore a recognizable and unique costume,[4] possible influenced by forestry and aristocratic themes.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Agnes Court was described as being a Shaker somewhere between Labyrinth and the Yàngbǎn’s Ziggurat in power and versatility. Using it, she can grow artificial organic structures from 'seeds' she creates. These seeds will swell into pillars, stairs, houses etc. growing exponentially given enough time in her sphere of influence. The organic wood-like substance will eventually harden into a stone-like substance of varying colors of her supposed choosing after she has terminated the growth.[1]

Presumably she was able to also work in the micro scale was well. Creating emplacements and shields against opponents; and cages to capture people easily.



Unknown if she was a natural trigger or a cauldron cape.

She would sometimes join Elite-backed corporate hero teams to insure that uppity villains infringing on her territory would be captured or otherwise dealt with.[3]


With the failing health of Uppercrust, Agnes Court was one of the high ranking members[3] of the Elite that were jockeying for greater influence within and without the organization.[5][2]

Gold MorningEdit

At the start of the Event she attended the meeting with Cauldron along with other high ranking members of the Elite.[4]

Fifty hours into Gold Morning, Agnes Court had set up a city complete with a castle, town, sewer system, and walls higher than most skyscrapers.[1]

This was set up as a "refuge" for skilled laborers and professionals by claiming a large amount of territory and forcing others out. She was not prepared for the backlash when it was decided that her group had broken the Truce by doing this.[6]

Agnes Court is believed to be dead following punitive measures.[7]


  • The name Agnes Court recalls Agincourt and the eponymous Battle of Agincourt, which for some of its duration was a siege. This, and the medieval setting of the battle, ties in well to Agnes Court's theme in her creations and their purpose, as well as the overarching aristocratic theme of the Elite.


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    I really want to explore her in something. Plant powers best powers.

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