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Date posted 6 September 2011
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Agitation 3.9 is the eighth chapter of Agitation. The Battle at the Bank truly begins, Undersiders versus Wards. Undersiders open with an all-out attack, chicanery on all sides, Bug takes out Clockblocker.


The Undersiders start by releasing several hostages out the lobby doors, followed by a cloud of Grue's darkness, in order to dissuade the Wards from firing blindly. The hostages were instructed to run as far out before Grue's power hit them, and then lie down.

Before Bitch can run out, Tattletale informs them that Aegis and Clockblocker have switched costumes, and Bitch should attack Clockblocker. Grue and Regent head out to fight, while Taylor and Tattletale watch from the windows. Bitch feints towards Clockblocker (dressed as Aegis), but changes direction towards Aegis (dressed as Clockblocker).

Meanwhile, Taylor attacks Clockblocker with her bugs, but he keeps freezing them while he tries to get to Aegis. When he tries to ignore them, she starts biting and stinging him. In his panic, he clotheslines himself on frozen bugs, falling to the ground. Taylor forces bugs into his mouth, his ear canals and over his face. He freezes all the bugs, pinning himself to the street, and she retreats her bugs, apologising under her breath. With Clockblocker trapped, Taylor decides to turn her attention to the other Wards.

Major EventsEdit

  • Major kerfuffle, interesting use of powers.
  • Bug has her first win, taking down Clockblocker.


  • It is a semi-major discussion in the fandom if costume switching is a good idea. One might use more lethal force against a Brute given that said Brute could take it.


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