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Date posted 3 September 2011
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Agitation 3.8 is the eighth chapter of Agitation. Robbing in earnest, bagging money, Bug makes bad small talk with Bitch, Wards unexpectedly arrive in large numbers. Grue confirms Tattletale's dumbassery.


Tattletale unlocks the door to the bank vault, while Regent and two dogs watch the lobby door for the Wards. When they open the vault door, Tattletale sits at the bank manager's computer, keeping an eye on media and surveillance cameras. Bitch and "Bug" start bagging the money and loading it onto Brutus while Grue pries some filing cabinets open.

Once they fill up six bags, they replace Brutus with Angelica, and Taylor remarks that her name doesn't fit with the other dogs, namely betrayers like Judas. Bitch explains that she didn't name Angelica, her previous owners did. Taylor asks if they were the one to make the dog lose her ear and an eye. Bitch gets angry, thinking Taylor is implying Bitch did it. Grue stops Bitch before she tries to fight Taylor and they finish up the bags on another dog.

Taylor asks if they should bag one more, and Tattletale counts forty-one thousand eight hundred dollars, and also mentions the "white hats" are here. The team looks out the front window to see the Wards lined up in front of the bank.

Grue gets pissed because rather than the three or four heroes Tattletale predicted, there's six outside and one on the roof. They discuss their plans, Taylor suggests that they take the Wards by surprise, and attack them rather than trying to get away.

Major EventsEdit

  • The "other people's money" is successfully being robbed.
  • The Wards show up in force, why?
  • Bug suggests turning the Undersider MO on its head.


  • It can be inferred from Bug and Bitch's conversation that Bitch named Brutus and Judas herself. They're both named after famous betrayers which foreshadows Bitch own actions in the future.[1]


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