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Date posted 30 August 2011
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Agitation 3.7 is the seventh chapter of Agitation. The Undersiders start their robbery of Brockton Bay Central Bank; big entrance, taking and intimidating hostages, nothing can go wrong! Right?


Tattletale and Taylor meet Grue by his van, all of them in costume. He orders Tattletale to work on the door, while he and Taylor open up one of the vans, which is full of bugs gathered during the drive.

They join Tattletale and Regent by the door, and Taylor admires their costumes. Tattletale opens the backdoor of the bank using a code used by SWAT teams to stop the bank alarms going off. Bitch begins to grow her dogs, and she leads the way, Taylor bringing up the rear. As they pass through the hallways, Regent and Grue enter the offices and take hostages.

When they reach the lobby of the bank, Bitch's Dogs charge in, before Grue covers the place with his darkness, muffling the screams of the patrons. Taylor puts black widow spiders on each hostage, letting them all know about their deadly venom.

She internally explains that this was her idea as a way to make her have control over the hostages. This is to make sure no civilians are hurt, but when she sees their terrified reaction, she starts to second guess herself.

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  • Bank Job gets into full swing.
  • Hostages lives are threatened by black widow spiders.


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