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Date posted 27 August 2011
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Agitation 3.6 is the sixth chapter of Agitation. Discussion of the politics of the cape world between Taylor and Lisa: “Cops and Robbers”, the major threats and get ready to rob the Brockton Bay Central Bank.


The chapter starts with Lisa driving a van with Taylor through the rain. They are in downtown, stuck in traffic, and Taylor has asked Lisa why supervillains don't get their identities revealed when they are arrested. Lisa presents her theory that the cape world is like a game of "Cops and Robbers", with grown adults running around in costumes. Taylor fiddles with her new knife.

She explains that there are the people who do this for fun and excitement, making some money on the side of their ordinary lives. Then there are the "crazies", like Lung, Oni Lee, Heartbreaker and Bitch, who take it too seriously or are mentally disabled, making them dangerous. Finally, there are the "monsters" (not specifically Case 53s), like the Slaughterhouse Nine or Nilbog, and Taylor mentions the Endbringers.

Lisa reminds Taylor that ninety percent of parahuman activities are amongst the first group, comparing superhero groups with local sports teams, where they are good for media and tourism. It's in the best interests of the city to keep people like the Undersiders and Uber and Leet in circulation, as opposed to Lung.

Lisa's final argument is what happens when someone crosses the line, attacking a cape's family, or taking advantage of an opponent when they're down. The local cape community bands together to "put the asshole down". Taylor compares the situation with an Endbringer attack, and Lisa notices that it's the second time Taylor has mentioned the Endbringers and asks why she's being so morbid.

Taylor describes, in a roundabout way, her argument with Armsmaster, while internally musing over his reveal that two of the Undersiders are murderers.

Lisa amuses her by telling her to disregard the other person, saying that she liked Taylor from first sight, standing up against Lung.

They arrive at Brockton Bay Central Bank, pulling into an employee-only parking lot behind a nearby restaurant. They put on their costumes, and Brian parks another van at the entrance to the alley leading into the parking lot, blocking it off.

Major EventsEdit

  • Day of the bank job.
  • Taylor finds herself becoming friends with Lisa despite herself.


  • This is the first mention of the many threats that occupy Earth Bet, most prominently the Endbringers.
  • One of the first times cape activities are really discussed.
  • Taylor's morbidity is a point that will be returned to later.


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