Agitation 3.5
Date posted 23 August 2011
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Agitation 3.5 is the fifth chapter of Agitation. In it, Taylor meets with Armsmaster and discusses her placement within the Undersiders.


Taylor tells Armsmaster that she has infiltrated the Undersiders, but is unable to give him information initially due to Tattletale. She hints that she can get him more information if she can stay with them for a few more jobs, before Armsmaster interrupts her. He tells her to give up this charade, to stop trying before she bites off more than she can chew. Taylor, insulted, asks him why she can't give her the benefit of the doubt, before it is revealed that Armsmaster is acting hostile because she poisoned Lung with her bugs and he was blamed, losing command of his team and having his halberd confiscated . She counters angrily that it was his tranquilisers that stopped Lung's regeneration from working.

They both part, and Taylor tells herself that when she discovers the Undersiders' employer, she would take the info to Miss Militia instead.