Agitation 3.3
Date posted 16 August 2011
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Agitation 3.3 is the third chapter of Agitation. In it, the Undersiders' plan their bank job.


Brian immediately rejects the bank job, citing that it's more trouble than it's worth. He explains that it would only be a few thousand each, and the hit to their reputation if they were arrested wouldn't be worth it. Lisa gives her reasons why they should do it. The Protectorate heroes will be at an event downtown, and only the Wards would be able to respond, and even then, it's during school time, so not all of them will turn up. The New Wave won't interfere, as it's out of their jurisdiction.

As an added bonus, Lisa was also able to negotiate a deal with their employer, getting him to pay the team twice what they steal or twenty five thousand dollars, whichever is more, as well as paying all their extra costs.

They discuss the each of the Ward's powers and their strategies for fighting them. Lisa gives Taylor a mobile phone and asks if there's any weapons she wants, before going to confirm the job with their employer.

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