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Date posted 13 August 2011
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Agitation 3.2 is the second chapter of Agitation. Taking in the sights on her way to the Undersiders' hideout, Taylor gets hands on practice with Brian and discusses the sponsor. Who’s sending them to a bank job.


Taylor takes a bus to the Docks, thinking about the characteristics of Brockton Bay, like the gangs and the enforcers on the Boardwalk, and what the protectorates presence really means.

She enters the Undersiders' lair, where Brian is expecting her due to Lisa's powers. Brian was mid-spar with Alec, Lisa is on the phone, and Rachel is in her room with her dogs. Taylor watches the spar for a little while, noting that Alec doesn't seem to be taking Brian's advice.

After Alec gives up, saying he could just rely on his taser, Taylor volunteers for a few fighting tips. They start sparring and Brian explains the basics of fighting to her. After a while, she subtly asks who their mysterious employer is. Brian explains that they don't know who he is, except for Lisa but she isn't talking. Taylor asks about the kinds of jobs the boss asks them to do and Lisa interrupts the conversation, informing the team that they're going to rob a bank.

Major EventsEdit

  • Taylor gets an introduction to hand-to-hand combat.
  • Group hears their robbing a bank.


  • The CQC, close quarters combat, instructions are broadly accurate.


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