Agitation 3.12
Date posted 17 September 2011
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Agitation 3.12 is the twelfth chapter of Agitation. Tattletale asks Panacea ‘who’s your daddy?’ Berserker Glory Girl gets dunked on. battle concludes with The Undersiders enacting an expeditious retreat. Bank robbery: Success!


Tattletale begins by revealing that Panacea was adopted, which was public knowledge, and that her father was a villain, which was not. Eleven years ago, the New Wave tracked a villain to his home and beat him, sending him to the Birdcage. They found his daughter hiding in a closet, and decided to take her in to avoid anyone exploiting her for her powers.

Tattletale blackmails Panacea with this information, telling Glory Girl to enter the vault. Panacea instead wrenches herself out of Taylor's grip, and Glory Girl tackles Tattletale, covering her mouth. Taylor knocks Panacea out with her baton, which angers Glory Girl, who throws Tattletale at Taylor.

While Glory Girl is monologuing over how she's going to throw them in the inescapable Birdcage, Tattletale tells Taylor to swarm Glory Girl with her bugs, despite its apparent uselessness. The bugs can't reach her, feeling like they're on smooth glass. Tattletale shoots Glory Girl with a handgun from her utility belt, and the bugs start stinging and biting her. As the two exit the bank, Tattletale explains that Glory Girl actually has a force field surrounding her body, which was taken down temporarily by the bullet, allowing the bugs through.

They meet with Grue and Bitch, the former of which pops Tattletale's shoulder back into place while Taylor explains what happened. Regent hops down from Kid Win's cannon, where he was shooting Aegis, making sure to stab the cannon's control panel with his scepter on the way down. He asks if he can keep the hoverboard, but Grue tells him it probably has a tracking device in it. Regent destroys the hoverboard as well, and they all mount Bitch's Dogs.

Grue fills the nearby streets with darkness, and leads Brutus forward, with Angelica and Judas following by scent. They travel through darkness for some time, before Grue stops them. Tattletale and Taylor disembark the dog, and change out of their costumes into civilian clothing. After some time, the darkness clears and they find themselves in a shopping district in front of a shoe store. Angelica is back to normal size, and the three of them walk through downtown. Lisa remarks that, given there were no injuries or deaths for them, the heroes or any bystanders, it was a very good day.

Major EventsEdit

  • Tattletale nonlethally shoots Glory Girl.
  • The Undersides successfully escape from the Bank and the wards.


  • This encounter sours any future relationship between Panacea and Tattletale or "Bug".
  • Tattletale's gun usage is arguably not a breach of the Unwritten Rules here.[citation needed]
  • Downtown traffic was not noticeably impacted by Grue's stunt.


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